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Monday started with a weather phenomenon I had rarely seen before I moved to MallorcaAn agency statement said those aged 30 or younger will be excluded. Sirocco winds from Sahara brought in sand and particles and gave the sky a yellowish colour. As the rain came down all brown and muddy it made me think about my first summer in Majorca. We had a white car at the time and newly washed white bedsheets hanging outside when the first shower of Sirocco rain hit usJim Sadler, president o.

I had no idea what was going on, but I remember as my things got more and more brown, I cried, because it felt like the end of the world was about to comeenableLivechatadmin. That year I had a very superstitious neighbour Manolo, he explained to me that this type of weather is common in Mallorca. “When the Sirocco blows strange things happened – people do crazy things, and you can even get away with murder” he said.

Well that was probably just a tall tale however Sirocco does effect people in a bad way. Asthmatics and people with lung problems should be extra carefulcoronavirus_faq. The only one that benefits from this weather would be if you own a car wash. Boat owners suffer when the Sirocco rain comes down especially the big yacht owners or better said the staff that have to clean them. I still hope for some more rain to clear the air out and clean my garden.

Boat life is an important industry in Mallorca and there are a few Scandinavians with boat related businesses, Agapi Boat club for example2021-04-21T10:03:25.740Z. The Swedish couple Stefan and Henrietta Roslund run this company from Cala Nova port in Sant Agusti (Palma area) with a second base in the north of the island in Puerto Pollensa:1618619862073,, where they offer boat sharing with all the fun of taking the boat out without any hassle. I think it sounds like an excellent ideaChief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam looks at a giant screen showing data during a technical briefing o, no need to worry about the maintenance or services, just go out and have funcan operate with at 25 per cent capacity..

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