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Weaving machinery: combine development and innovation

vigorously develop shuttleless looms, further improve the reliability, electromechanical integration and technical level of the whole machine and key devices, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the instrument optical parts and metal coating. Focus on accelerating the development and industrialization of air-jet looms, and improving the weaving variety adaptability of rapier looms. We will develop new warping machines, sizing machines, dyeing and sizing machines to meet the needs of shuttleless looms

(1) batch warping machine

improve the winding speed and other technical levels of warping machine, and solve the winding density control technology of high-power adjustable speed direct transmission technology, high-efficiency oil pressure, air braking technology, uniform and constant warp tension control technology, electromechanical integration and automatic control technology, even if the coloring strength is more powerful than the ordinary painting process

(2) sliver warping machine

improve the winding speed of sliver warping machine, solve the problems of stepless speed regulation, high-power transmission and continuous cleaning technology, pneumatic pressurization, oil pressure braking technology, automatic warp tension compensation technology, microcomputer control and intelligent technology, winding density and sheet yarn tension control technology

(3) sizing machine

improve the technical level of sizing locomotive speed, understand high-power transmission, stepless speed regulation technology, pneumatic and hydraulic pressurization technology, detection and control technology of sizing machine operation and sizing process parameters, and high-efficiency and energy-saving technology. Improve the technical level of slurry mixing equipment

(4) rapier looms

improve the weft insertion rate and reliability of rapier looms, carry out research on the optimization design of loom structure dynamics to adapt to high-speed support movement, and solve the weaving process technologies such as high-speed rapier weft insertion technology, electronic let off and electronic take-up high-precision drive technology, intelligent electronic control system technology, reliability technology and let off tension compensation

(5) air jet loom

improve the weft insertion rate and reliability of air jet loom, and solve the problems of high-speed air flow multi nozzle weft insertion technology, electronic let off and electronic take-up drive technology, intelligent electronic control system technology, reliability technology, weft beating technology, high-speed opening system technology and precision manufacturing and processing technology

(6) water jet loom

improve the speed, efficiency and width of the water jet loom, speed up the adaptability to the weaving process of heavy fabrics and fancy decorative fabrics, study the water jet weft insertion technology and multi-color weft insertion technology, and solve the improvement of the reliability of key parts and the manufacturing and processing technology

(7) projectile loom

accelerate the localization of projectile looms, develop projectile looms with wide width, large package and suitable for special requirements, develop coiling mechanisms with large warp density and tension, and select projectile shuttles and torsion shaft throwing mechanisms with special weft insertion

(8) electronic dobby and electronic jacquard device

the electronic dobby device should meet the requirements of shuttleless looms to improve the machine speed, develop a series of heald lifting products, solve the problems of high-frequency electronic reading mechanism, high-speed conjugate camming design and process matching technology, on-line and joint control technology with the host machine, development of high-frequency and anti fatigue special springs, high-speed impact resistant connecting rod precision manufacturing technology, jacquard CAD technology Automatic test and reliability technology

the electronic jacquard device should adapt to high speed, expand the number of needles, adapt to the needs of weaving such as trademarks, and solve the problems of high-frequency solenoid valve needle selection component technology, modularization, intelligence, energy saving, upgradeable electric control system, networking and price within a reasonable range of monitoring technology, high-performance synthetic silk, Tongsi manufacturing technology, online and joint control technology with the host, high-life pulley component technology Jacquard CAD technology and automatic testing and reliability technology

(9) special basic parts and equipment for weaving machinery

development of basic parts and equipment for weaving machinery, such as high-performance electronic weft storage, electronic hemming device, aluminum alloy heald frame, high-speed rapier head, rapier belt, energy-saving nozzle, special pump valve, high-speed clutch, brake, etc., to meet the development needs of shuttleless looms

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