Blister cartoning machine with maximum speed of 80

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Blister cartoning machine with a maximum speed of 800 per minute

although there is a saying that old don't go, new don't come, campak recently launched a high-speed cam Ko cartoning machine, which is located in the blister packaging application of medicine or sugar paste. Its speed design is consistent with the speed of rapid thermoforming equipment. It can generally complete the installation of more than 600 blisters per minute, and the transformation of domestic blow molding machines to high-end circuit boxes, The maximum speed can be installed on the top of the piston to reach more than 800 per minute

cam Ko is a continuous action mechanical driving equipment. A roller is designed in the center of the machine. The roller rotates in the vertical plane to drive the product and carton propeller to operate as a whole

information source: packaging machinery

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