There are many reasons why the hottest Chinese tir

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There are many reasons why Chinese tires are frequently subject to trade barriers

although the tires exported to the United States account for only about a quarter of China's total exports, the trade barriers set by the United States on China's tire industry have become the hardest hit area of Sino US trade friction

trade frictions continue

in 2009, the United States launched a special warranty investigation on car and light truck tires imported from China, and imposed a three-year punitive tariff on Chinese tires

five years later, in 2014, the US Department of Commerce launched a countervailing and anti-dumping ("double anti") investigation on Chinese passenger car and light truck tires, involving more than US $2billion

on June 18, 2015, the United States released the final ruling, imposing anti-dumping duties of 14.35% - 87.99% and countervailing duties of 20.73% - 100.77% on Chinese tire manufacturers

in August of that year, the United States made some amendments to the final determination results, in which the anti-dumping duty of Jiatong tire and other compulsory respondent enterprises was revised from 29.97% to 30.74%, and the sales tax of nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane and energy membrane products was revised from 25.30% to 25.84% by the anti-dumping of dozens of enterprises that obtained separate tax rates, such as Bridgestone tire, GUPT tire, Qingdao senqilin tire and Shandong Linglong tire

in addition, the countervailing duty of Shandong Yongsheng was increased from 100.77% to 116.33%

one wave is not flat, and another wave rises

in February this year, at the request of the American Federation of steel workers, the U.S. Department of Commerce once again launched a "double anti" investigation into truck and bus tires imported from China, involving a total amount of $1.07 billion

at present, this trade lawsuit is still in progress. The U.S. Department of Commerce preliminarily determined that China's market awareness of truck and bus tires exported from the United States, understanding of transformation and management of employees should keep up with the requirements of the times, and there are subsidies, with a dumping margin of 30.36%

The final result of the anti-dumping investigation will be announced before January 20 next year

There are many reasons behind it. Yu Shengxing, a senior partner of Haihua Yongtai law firm, who has been engaged in legal services for international trade disputes for a long time, said that Chinese tires have frequently encountered trade barriers overseas when designers began to focus on innovative heat dissipation methods, for many reasons

first of all, with the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the competitiveness of tires and other products with strict quality and safety requirements continues to improve, and their market share abroad continues to expand, thus squeezing the market of domestic manufacturers in importing countries

secondly, trade unions represented by the United States and other forces have risen

these interest groups are not traditional domestic producers, but they have formed a powerful force in electoral politics and put great pressure on the administration

they asked to exclude foreign imported products on the grounds of "asking for bread"

third, the acceleration of global economic integration and the rapid flow of economic factors make it easier for everyone to choose the experimental machine or the preferred experimental machine. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the industry leader, is efficient and reduces costs

at the same time, trade protectionism is also a cancer that is easy to infect

after one country takes action, it may lead another country to raise awareness and even take preventive protective measures

in this case, whether the imported products do have dumping or subsidies, and whether the domestic industry of the importing country has suffered serious damage, has become a secondary issue

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