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Behind the 100 billion smart lighting market, the blemesh development free solution has become the mainstream

behind the 100 billion smart lighting market, the blemesh development free solution has become the mainstream

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original title: behind the 100 billion smart lighting market, the blemesh development free solution has become the mainstream

with the landing of smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes and other application scenarios, as well as the changes brought by LED applications, the use of IOT, sensors Smart lighting based on embedded technology has become one of the mainstream intelligent solutions. According to the data of the intelligent lighting industry analysis report of the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the global intelligent lighting market scale was US $7.83 billion in 2015, and it is expected to reach US $24.341 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. In this trend, how to better optimize intelligent lighting solutions and improve user experience has become an urgent challenge for developers

from a technical point of view, in today's intelligent lighting field, LED will still be the leading light source with the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, no pollution, no stroboscopic, etc., while its mainstream communication protocols include ble, Wi Fi, ZigBee and so on when the buffer is unchanged. Compared with ZigBee technology, high-power Wi Fi and ble, which are widely used in the field of industrial automation, the industry actually needs an evolutionary technology with fast transmission speed, multi-channel and low power consumption. At this time, the arrival of blemesh based on network flooding protocol undoubtedly solves the existing bottleneck of intelligent lighting

"blemesh" is the Bluetooth technology standard launched by the Bluetooth special interest group (Bluetooth SIG) in 2017, that is, the low-power Bluetooth technology using a specific topology group, with low power consumption at the micro security level, large-scale cluster group capability, and anti-interference stability. Once introduced, this technology has reshaped people's understanding of Bluetooth

with the advantages of low power consumption, high load capacity, stable operation and flexible group, blemesh is being applied to more and more life scenes, among which the lighting industry is the most concerned. Leishi lighting, Foshan Lighting, sunshine lighting, Debang lighting and other leading lighting enterprises have introduced blemesh technology to upgrade their products intelligently

according to Bluetooth SIG data, lighting products using blemesh have accounted for 20% of the market share, and by 2023, the shipment volume will reach 4.5 times the current level

Chen liaohan, a member of the Bluetooth technology alliance and chairman and President of graffiti intelligence on the global ai+iot platform, once said in a public event that graffiti intelligence would achieve the goal of shipping 10million blemesh units to a single customer in 2019, so as to promote the commercial popularity of blemesh in the industry

although blemesh is already a popular fried chicken in the field of intelligent lighting to protect the host from damage, the advantageous technology is often accompanied by a high application threshold - for traditional manufacturers, how to grasp the market direction, introduce blemesh technology in one step, and quickly realize the intelligent upgrading of products is a problem that needs careful consideration

at this point, cooperation with intelligent platforms may be the most cost-effective way

graffiti intelligence, as the ai+iot platform that currently accounts for the largest market share in the global IOT market, connects the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains, and provides customers with one-stop AI IOT solutions. With IOT OS level technical strength and global cloud services, graffiti intelligence is building an IOT operating system comparable to Android to help partners quickly realize intelligent product upgrading and global deployment

as of the end of October 2018, graffiti intelligence has served 93000 customers worldwide, connected more than 100million intelligent products to the market, and has enabled more than 30000 products in total, which has responded to the orders of AICM, especially in the field of lighting and electrical engineering, with mature and rich development free solutions

as a member of Bluetooth SIG, graffiti intelligence has been closely following the development and update of blemesh specification. As early as the relevant standard agreement was issued, graffiti intelligence developed the original blemesh internal standard agreement, which has been widely recognized in the market in practical application

graffiti intelligence has fully covered the complete ecosystem of blemesh lighting, with complete software and hardware development tools and development documents. Terminal equipment manufacturers can obtain one-stop intelligent solutions through cooperation with graffiti intelligence

at present, graffiti intelligence provides customers with blemesh solutions that comply with the Bluetooth SIG international standard agreement, covering three categories: lighting, electrician and sensor. In particular, the blemesh lighting solution supports the online access of the whole line, which is mainly divided into two types: the development free lighting solution and the online customized development, which greatly improves the efficiency of R & D and application

[development free lighting scheme]

the mature public version scheme is directly reused, and users can quickly obtain a series of scheme contents that meet the production standards, including function parameter settings, APP control panel, adaptation module, firmware program, etc. the optional product types include white light, cold and warm light, color cold light, color cold light, and color cold and warm light, so as to ensure that the finished product has sufficient market competitiveness

[Online customized development]

if the free development scheme is not full, it will directly affect the large deformation and elongation after fracture of the experiment. Users can directly create products, define functions, set app interfaces, etc. on the graffiti intelligent IOT platform. The development process is simple and transparent, without entering any code, simply click to complete the product development in 5 minutes and produce a demo in 8 hours

in addition to the mature and highly competitive blemesh product solution, graffiti intelligence has another advantage in that its R & D technology has obtained the mesh specification certification of Bluetooth SIG, which can be interconnected and controlled with other products from different brands that have also obtained the mesh specification certification

in addition, all graffiti enabled products belong to "powered by Tuya (PBT)" smart devices. PBT is the technology enabling logo that graffiti intelligence outputs to enabled products. Products with this logo can be connected to graffiti cloud to realize cross brand interconnection. In other words, intelligent products using graffiti blemesh scheme can even be interconnected with PBT products using other communication protocols

as the most important infrastructure in contemporary life and production scenes, lighting, electricians and sensors have the most important stability and safety. Especially after the wireless communication protocol is adopted without wire control, whether the intelligent scheme is mature and stable needs to be given priority. At the same time, the popular intelligent lighting market tends to adopt open and unified standards to ensure good interoperability between products of different brands. The blemesh scheme provided by graffiti intelligence combines the above characteristics, providing partners with handy tools and stable tunnels in front of trillions of intelligent gold mines


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