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Is the service market blue ocean or red ocean after home furnishing giants increase their size

on this year's international consumer rights day, the two giants of the home furnishing industry, North incredibly and South Red Star, announced the overweight service market at the same time. Among them, incredibly home announced the launch of the smart home service platform "incredibly housekeeper". Red Star Macalline also launched the "24-hour Seven Star housekeeper" service upgrade on the same day

as we all know, home sales and after-sales continue to increase the proportion of new materials in the raw material industry. The separation of services is a long-standing pain point in the industry, especially the post service mode under the "crowdsourcing" mode is criticized by consumers. Although many large-scale enterprises have built their own after-sales service teams, many small and medium-sized brands still lack relevant service capabilities

in the view of insiders, the pain points in the development of home furnishing brands are also the problems faced by hypermarkets such as incredibly home. After overweight, the service market is bound to become the general trend. But in addition to the pain point solutions, the greater ambition of home shopping malls should be to integrate large consumption in the borrowing service market and drive low frequency with high frequency

it can be seen that the low-key trillion blue ocean of the post home market has already attracted giants such as Alibaba, and Gome. Under the guidance of giants, in addition to the competition of supply chain, it will also increase the test of traffic dividends and user stickiness

from home retail to home service closed loop

on March 15, the smart home service platform "incredibly housekeeper" was launched. The daily economy notes that through the small program or app of the housekeeper, consumers can choose to buy after-sales services such as door-to-door installation, home maintenance, land reclamation and cleaning, furniture maintenance, etc. Consumers can enjoy lifelong service as long as they buy household building materials products or carry out decoration in any store of fanzhijia

coincidentally, on the same day, another home furnishing giant, Macalline, also announced the launch of the "Seven Star housekeeper" service upgrade in Shenzhen. According to the official official account of Red Star Macalline Shenzhen Xiangmihu shopping mall, seven star housekeeper service will provide consumers with one-stop home maintenance, repair, renovation, cleaning and care

why do the two home furnishing giants in the north and South increase their services to the market at the same time? Building a closed loop of home service is an important reason

"there are many similar situations in the home appliance industry. For example, sales and after-sales are two teams, so it is not good to assume that the microcomputer has strong functions and can be directly printed to consumers." In an interview with media including the daily economy, Wang Ning, President of Beijing incredibly home new retail chain Group Co., Ltd., said that the home furnishing industry itself is a market that emphasizes experience and service. It is based on the above pain points that incredibly home created incredibly home management. However, the services provided by the housekeeper are not only home decoration, but also housekeeping. The purpose is to provide one-stop services for consumers

according to the data provided by the incredibly home, the incredibly housekeeper platform currently has more than 10000 registered home service engineers, nearly 200 b-end registered brands, and more than 1million C-end customers

integrate large consumption with high frequency band and low frequency

as Wang Ning said above, the traditional home appliance industry had the same pain points before. It can also be seen that when Yi chengxinneng executives replied to the investor, they frankly said that at present, Internet retail giants such as and Gome are also continuing to make efforts to serve the market

take Gome as an example. Since 2017, Gome put forward the "home · life" strategy, it has taken the step of entering the 100 billion "home · life" market. In February this year, Wang Junzhou, President of Gome retail, also said that Gome's future positioning in the market will be a provider of overall family solutions, a service provider, and a supply chain exporter

in addition, heyangqing, chairman of Gome Retail Executive Committee, once introduced the difference between home appliance sales and home appliance after-sales service to the daily economy. He said that the difficulty of providing users with a full set of home decoration design and installation of air conditioning, floor heating, ventilation systems and so on lies in the long construction period, which is completely different from selling products. However, although home appliances are low-frequency consumption, the post service of these products is high-frequency consumption. Through these business attempts, users have subsequently brought Gome nearly 60% of the growth of home appliance sales orders

the same is true of the home furnishing industry. Zhou Suhua, the general manager of the housekeeper, said in an interview that the current boundary of the home furnishing and home appliance industry is gradually blurred in the process of enterprise business development, which also puts forward higher requirements for the service ability of the brand and the installation staff

"for example, when installing water heaters, the staff should not only understand water and electricity, but also artificial intelligence. Large brands may have a perfect system, but many small brands focus on the sales side, so they need a platform to provide services for them." In Zhou Suhua's view, the service that the steward can provide for the brand is actually not only the basic ability of installation and service, but also the continuous operation ability of users if it is simply to seek low price

according to the "2014 China building materials and home furnishing industry development report" issued by China Building Decoration Association, as early as 2014, the market scale of China's building materials and home furnishing industry has reached 4.07 trillion yuan. Another data shows that China's home decoration service market exceeds 1.4 trillion yuan. Qin zhanxue, President of China Building Materials Circulation Association, said that the current home furnishing industry, on the one hand, is challenged by policies, environmental protection, costs, relocation and other aspects, on the other hand, is facing the opportunity of combining with Internet +. The transformation from "small home" to "big home" is the trend of the development of the home industry, and it is a good entry point in user service providers

in addition, it is worth noting that the service market after overweight is actually a way to improve the frequency of interaction between home stores, brands and consumers. Previously, fanzhijia also strengthened the integration of "big home" and "big consumption" by upgrading the experience of mall and introducing HEMA. Li Yongjian, director of the Internet Economy Research Office of the Academy of Finance and economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once said in an interview with the daily economy that offline retailers or e-commerce companies have a certain amount of traffic in their hands, but the key is how to maximize the value of traffic. For example, the unexpectedly home chose to introduce HEMA, but it actually took a fancy to HEMA's customer gathering ability. The high-frequency consumption of fresh food will drive the low-frequency consumption of the home furnishing industry, so as to realize the two-way guarantee of mall passenger flow and income

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