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Wang Ruixiang: five problems should be paid attention to in the industrial structure adjustment of the machinery industry

Wang Ruixiang, President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said on the 21st that the unreasonable industrial structure is a prominent problem in China's machinery industry. At present, the industrial structure adjustment should be placed in a more prominent position

at the second general meeting of the third session of the China Machinery Industry Federation held on the 21st, Wang Ruixiang said that in the adjustment of industrial structure, we should pay close attention to the phenomenon of overcapacity in some fields, relying on the expansion of production capacity and ignoring the accumulation of technical capacity, and make great efforts to solve the problem of structural imbalance, large but not strong. At present, we should focus on solving five major problems

first, we should pay attention to guiding the healthy development of the automotive industry. We should guide the automobile industry to do a good job in adjusting the industrial layout and product structure to achieve industrial optimization and upgrading through the implementation of new energy vehicle strategy, independent brand strategy and export strategy. Traditional energy vehicles should focus on strengthening scientific and technological innovation, improving technical performance, building independent brands, doing a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction, and improving their core competitiveness. For new energy vehicles, the key is to strengthen independent research and development, overcome key technologies, key parts, system integration and industrialization demonstration, and seize the commanding height

second, we should attach great importance to the structural adjustment of the electrical industry. Special attention should be paid to guiding the orderly development of wind power industry. At present, the phenomenon of repeated introduction and low-level repeated construction of wind power equipment is serious, the whole machine assembly capacity is blindly developed, while the product R & D technology and key parts depend on foreign countries, the basic research is insufficient, and the standards and certification are missing, which seriously restricts the healthy development of China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry

third, we should vigorously strengthen the basic supporting capacity and consolidate the foundation of industrial development. We should strengthen basic technology research, organize technological breakthroughs, improve the key parts, basic 2, belt retention experimental machine, and adopt the independent research and development and manufacturing level of single-chip timing basic parts, basic technology, processing aids and special high-quality materials, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of weak foundation for industry development

fourth, we should guide the rational development of large-scale free forging press. At present, in order to compete with imported instruments, there are structural contradictions in the development of large-scale free forging presses in China. On the one hand, the total capacity is obviously surplus, and the large-scale free forging presses that have been built focus on the development of precision cemented carbide and deep-processing products, large-size tungsten molybdenum plate foil, nuclear grade zirconium hafnium beryllium material "can't eat", on the other hand, some high-end forgings "can't eat" and have to be imported. It is necessary to speed up the key process and technology research, and promote the production capacity of high-end forgings of built projects

fifth, we should accelerate the development of modern manufacturing services. Backbone enterprises in the industry can use their own advantages to extend the industrial chain. Its advantage is to strive to form a new industrial pattern driven by the traditional processing and manufacturing industry and modern manufacturing service industry

Wang Ruixiang said that the machinery industry should take advantage of the favorable opportunity of adjustment and revitalization, accelerate the pace of adjustment, further improve the industrial concentration, improve the industrial anti risk ability, and strive for the initiative and voice in the new round of international market competition

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