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The five systems that make up the UV curing device

the UV curing device is a kind of mechanical equipment that can emit usable strong ultraviolet rays. It has been widely used in printing, electronics, building materials, machinery and other industries. Take Tianjin Nexant UV equipment as an example. Its types and styles vary according to the products it fixes, but its ultimate purpose is the same, which is to cure UV ink or UV varnish and other UV coatings. UV curing device is composed of five systems: light source system, ventilation system, control system, transmission system and box system

I. light source system

it is composed of UV lamp, UV lamp shade/reflector, UV transformer (ballast) and UV capacitor (trigger)

1.uv UV lamp tube

at present, UV lamps on the market are divided into high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halogen lamps. Domestic equipment generally adopts high-pressure mercury lamps, and some imported equipment adopts metal halogen lamps. In addition, as the name suggests, metal halogen lamps are also used for various categories of coatings or difficult to cure, such as hoisting construction sites, aviation, aerospace, nuclear power construction, ordnance manufacturing, port loading and unloading, electric power devices, machining, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation, etc

1) selection of UV lamp power. The power of UV lamp is the radiant energy of UV lamp, also known as penetration. First of all, it must meet the requirements of UV ink (varnish) absorption spectral wavelength and power density. If the power of UV lamp is not enough, even if the illumination time is longer, and the number of times it exceeds the Regent UV curing device is more, the product will not be fully cured. On the contrary, it will also make the surface of UV ink (varnish) aging, sealing, brittle, etc. at the same time, the adhesion of ink (varnish) is not good, which will make the adhesion between overprint layers poor. Because low-power UV light cannot penetrate the bottom of the ink layer, the bottom is not cured or not cured enough

2) the power of Regent UV lamp should generally meet the requirements of 80~120w/cm, but the higher the power is, the greater the heat will be. Therefore, the power should be selected according to the different curing products and curing speed

3) the maximum service life of Regent UV lamp is generally hours, and it should be replaced after reaching it, because the intensity of UV light emitted by the UV lamp at this time becomes weak, which will affect the curing effect. At the same time, it is recommended to clean the reflector on the surface of the lamp tube and reflector with absolute ethanol at an appropriate time according to the production environment (dust content in the air) during the service life, and then turn the UV lamp. This is conducive to the effective radiation of all UV rays to UV ink or varnish, ensuring a certain penetration


the types of reflectors include focused, unfocused and polyhedral reflectors. Generally, the focus type is used. The structural feature of this reflector is that the reflected UV light energy is concentrated, and the efficiency of light curing is high, which is conducive to the curing of thick ink layer, and can completely cure the deep layer of ink. In this regard, it should be noted that the material selection and shape of the reflector:

1) the material selection must be aluminum, not iron or stainless steel in order to save cost, because the stainless steel plate will turn black at high temperature, which will not only reflect light, but also absorb light. The best reflective effect is the mirror aluminum oxide plate, whose reflectivity can reach more than 80%, thus greatly improving the utilization of ultraviolet rays

2) the shape of the shape reflector is to ensure that UV light can be gathered together, so the shape of semicircular arc is the best. Also pay attention to the erection position of UV lamp to ensure that it is on the focus. In addition, the reflector is an important channel for UV lamp heat dissipation, so the outside of the aluminum cover should be processed into a radiator to increase the heat dissipation area. Reflector plays a very important role in UV curing device. Some manufacturers often ignore its role, and use some substitutes as reflectors, or even do not install reflectors, so that 40% to 50% of the UV energy of UV lamps is wasted. The solution of some manufacturers is to blindly increase the power of UV lamps, which can not fundamentally solve the problem, but also cause greater waste of electric energy

3.uv transformer/ballast

Nexant UV flux leakage transformer is a good supporting power supply for UV lamps. It is made of imported silicon steel sheets, scientific design, advanced technology, stable performance, high efficiency and low consumption, and requires series capacitors. It is suitable for relatively dry and clean indoor places - ℃, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, there is no strong corrosive gas, limited to atmospheric overpressure, and the power is from 1kW to 25kW

the selection of magnetic flux leakage transformer must match the power of UV lamp, that is, the transformer must have enough output voltage to ensure that the UV lamp can work at full power. If the output voltage is too high, the lamp will burn out; The output voltage is too low, and the lamp can not work at full power, so that the UV output intensity is insufficient

the power of the ballast is from 300W to 4kw. It is in series circuit and equipped with a trigger (used to accelerate the starting process of the lamp), which generates an instantaneous high voltage to make the lamp discharge and start. It plays the role of limiting the lamp current in the working circuit

4. The selection of UV capacitor and trigger

capacitor should be matched with the lamp and transformer, and the withstand voltage degree of the capacitor used should be selected according to the output voltage of the transformer. If it is not selected properly, the capacitor will break down, affecting the normal operation of the UV curing device. Matched with the magnetic leakage transformer, it can compensate the power and balance the current, so that the Renette UV lamp can work in a stable state. Specification: 8UF 20.5uf

the trigger can be matched with the ballast, which is used to accelerate the starting process of the UV lamp, increase the working voltage in a flash, and make the UV lamp start quickly in a short time

II. Ventilation system

it is composed of fan, induced draft tube and air gathering hood. Attention should be paid to the selection of fans, the control of air volume and the way of exhaust

1. the selection of fan should be determined according to the power of UV lamp and the actual situation of box space. Generally, there are two fans for air and induced draft fan, but there are also some with only one induced draft fan. Insufficient fan power and exhaust air volume will lead to excessive temperature in the chassis, shortened lamp life, and even melting, which also makes it difficult to guarantee the quality of cured products; If the fan power is too large and the air volume is too large, the temperature in the chassis will be too low, the UV lamp cannot work at full power, and the cured product is not easy to dry

2. air volume control means that the air volume of UV curing device should be adjustable. This is because considering the large temperature difference in winter and summer, many factories do not have a constant temperature workshop. Therefore, if Nexant UV curing device works with the same air volume in winter and summer, the quality of products will be affected. Generally, the temperature control method is used to control two fans. When a certain temperature is reached, one fan will be automatically started, and then the other fan will be started when a certain temperature is reached, and the vent valve is set on the exhaust and air inlet to control the air volume of air inlet and exhaust

3. the way of air exhaust refers to the way of upper air intake and lower air supply or upper air supply and lower air intake. However, in any way, do not blow the wind directly onto the UV lamp, because the consequence of this is that the UV lamp cannot work at full power due to excessive heat loss (the light changes from white to non dazzling blue), so that the ink cannot be dried at all

III. control system

it is a system used to control the operation of the whole ruisant UV curing machine. Here, Guizhou and Jiangsu publish the information of the inspection institutions of relevant instruments and equipment for epidemic prevention and control and the relevant detection capabilities to the public on their websites. Vertu customers can even designate a craftsman to create the next one when purchasing it. It is worth noting that:

1. The control of the fan is best controlled automatically by the temperature (mentioned in the previous section), because there may be omissions and it is not accurate enough to be controlled by people

2. turn on the UV light first when starting the machine, and then turn on the fan after minutes (when the fan is not temperature controlled)

3. After shutdown, the fan should continue to operate until the lamp tube and box are cooled

for the degrees of freedom of all important structural members in operation, the measured load/time function 4. The second start should wait until the UV lamp is completely cooled before starting

IV. transmission system

it is composed of speed regulating motor (or variable frequency speed regulation), conveyor belt, chain (or transmission roller). Here we should pay attention to the adjustment of speed. The curing speed should be considered from two aspects: one is full curing, and the other is curing at the best speed

the best speed selection method is: first pass the product through the Regent UV curing device at a certain speed. If it is cured, then speed up the speed until the ink layer of the product through the UV curing device cannot be cured. At this time, the speed multiplied by 0.8 is the best speed. In addition, pay attention to the service time of the lamp, because with the attenuation of the energy used by the UV lamp, the speed should also be slowed down

v. box system

the size of the box is determined according to the different products used in Nexant UV curing device. In this regard, it should be noted that the surface of the box should be flat, and interlayer should be set where the internal light can reach, so as to avoid scalding people due to the high external temperature of the box. There should be no light leakage outside

in short, in order to ensure the safe and normal operation of UV curing device and achieve the best effect of UV curing, the above components should be paid attention to, and no link should be ignored

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