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Five skills for increasing light and shadow effect in printing and packaging design

prepress design plays a huge role in the whole printing and packaging process. Here are some skills that can increase light and shadow effect for design

1. It should be said that understanding where the light source is when using light is the most important basic problem. The location of the light source determines the location of the highlights and shadows (but you can break these rules in page design). In Photoshop, you can use the global illumination in the layer style to ensure that the light sources of all light and shadow effects you create are in one position. Controlling the position of the light source can create a unique atmosphere for your page design (even a simple linear or radial gradient can achieve the effect). Light and shadow effects can also guide the transfer of the visual center

2. Gradient

in the real world, nothing is always flat. Light and shadow cling to everything. Using gradients is a good way to create depth and authenticity. The company will comply with relevant laws and regulations. The key to using gradients is not to go too far. When drawing gradients in Photoshop, please make Gradient Overlay in the layer style, so as to ensure the scalability of your gradient, and with the scaling of the layer, the gradient can also be scaled losslessly

3. Highlights

highlights can balance shadows and should be located at the edge of the object close to the light source. Highlight is ignored most of the time, because if you use it well, you can hardly feel its existence by coating a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) smooth grease several times. However, not all scenes are suitable for the existence of highlights. A slight highlight can make a huge difference in the polishing degree of the object surface. The sharper the highlight, the stronger the gloss of the object surface. To appreciate highlights, we need to magnify these details. When making highlight design, it is a good way to zoom in your design more than twice, because when it is displayed at the original scale, you may not be able to figure out what you are doing

4. Basic shadow

like gradient, projection is also widely used by page designers. When used correctly, projection can indeed add vision to the design, and there are a variety of transparent color choices for surgery to identify depth and texture. The key is not to do too much or abuse. The depth of shadow depends on the direction and intensity of light, as well as the distance between the object and the projection. 10. Working power supply: 220V ~ 240V. The stronger the light, the sharper and darker the shadow; The weaker the illumination, the weaker the projection

5. Advanced shadow

to give the object a three-dimensional feeling, you have many choices besides simple projection. Long shadows can greatly change the spatial relationship of objects in the page

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