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Thinking of the fast food industry (V)

crisis management should be based on change

Jin Shuming, deputy general manager of Shenzhen pastry King catering chain company

the rampant SARS has tested the crisis management and adaptability of the catering industry. At the same time, it also makes the managers of the catering industry deeply realize that while modern catering enterprises attach importance to food taste, decoration design and cultural inheritance, More importantly, at present and in the future, we should strengthen and strengthen the efforts in food nutrition, food hygiene, raw material procurement and staff health awareness education, that is, on the basis of equipped with different fixtures, it also gives us the following enlightenment:

first, strengthen the fast food brand, and let intangible assets bring tangible benefits. Through the SARS incident, it is not difficult to see that consumers' trust in brand stores is priceless. Therefore, strict management should be carried out in daily operation and production, and various assessment systems should be improved and implemented to everyone and every detail. In the process of buying and selling, let consumers know your uniqueness and enhance the credibility of the enterprise

second, adjust the product structure. With the development and progress of society, consumers' demand for eating out is not only satisfied and delicious, but also healthy. Three low, green and miscellaneous grain foods have become the first choice for diners. It is urgent to study the above five steps of impact testing machine to make healthy food

third, improving the dining environment, ensuring fresh air in the lobby, improving the hygiene level of food, environment and individuals, and cultivating employees' good hygiene awareness are the fundamental to remain invincible

SARS tells us what is the most important work in the development of the catering market. Under the situation of fierce competition, operators and managers should always put the interests of consumers in the first place. The top priority is to provide nutritious, safe and healthy food to every customer who enters our restaurant and create a hygienic and reassuring consumption environment

began to transform to a high level

Zhang Biao, general manager of Shanghai Shihao catering management company

the past two months have been both challenges and opportunities for us. The sudden SARS virus has baptized the catering industry. First of all, consumers have been educated in the crisis, the progress of social civilization and the improvement of material conditions, so that mankind has more and more advantages. But when human beings abuse this superiority, they will be punished. After this battle, consumers increasingly understand the importance of "green, clean and healthy". These concepts will gradually and increasingly change the consumption concept of the public. Accordingly, these concepts are bound to change our current catering pattern. In fact, this change began to exist when SARS was raging. For example, when most restaurants were empty, KFC and McDonald's did not see a sharp recession, which should be worth our reflection. As an important part of the catering industry, Chinese fast food has also begun to change in the face of difficulties. The traditional, low-level, low-end catering market without strict standards gradually withdrew from the market because it could not withstand the impact of the market. The new, high standard and large-scale Chinese fast food has won the respect of the market, thus accelerating the pace of progress

as a member of Chinese fast food, our lucky wonton chain under Shanghai Shihao Catering Management Co., Ltd. has long noticed the change of consumption concept. Based on the content of Chinese food and the form of Western food, we take "quality, service, cleanliness, affordability and health" as the core concept of the company, strictly regulate the production process of products, implement the "one bowl, one customer, serving of individual dishes" system in sales, and cooperate with strong disinfection and cleaning measures, So that consumers have a good dining experience, ensuring the stability of the operation, thus withstanding the test of the epidemic

"the sea is flowing, just show the true colors of heroes." In the face of the crisis, we firmly believe that only when we truly consider consumers and develop our business according to the humanistic spirit and natural norms, can enterprises become bigger and stronger

skillfully grasp resources to expand the market

General Manager of Qinhuangdao Tongsheng Fast Food Co., Ltd. Yang ziyong

in this spring when SARS happened, the catering industry was left out in the cold, a depression, and the tense and fast pace of life in the past seemed to suddenly stop. In the face of the sudden epidemic, Tongsheng Fast Food Co., Ltd. put forward the slogan of "fighting SARS, the important task is to hang the epoxy adhesive shoulder for 135 dry stone curtain wall, Tongsheng express, health first". (to be continued)

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