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An analysis of the current relationship between the environment and packaging in ASEAN countries (I)

normal>1 introduction

normal>. Brunei joined in 1984

The rapid development of industrialization, the acceleration of urbanization and the growth of population have led to excessive consumption of energy, aggravated the loss of natural resources, and polluted the air and rivers

All ASEAN countries emphasize the importance of meeting environmental challenges, but it should be noted that ASEAN countries have different attitudes towards these challenges. This difference should be attributed to the following reasons: differences in geographical environment and energy base, history and culture, political economy, ideology, management institutions, economic status quo, industrialization, urbanization process and technical capacity, etc

normal>2 Thailand

normal> Thailand is located in the middle of Southeast Asia, with an area of 510000 square kilometers and a population of 57.2 million. It has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 22.2 ℃ ~ 32.2 ℃. Thailand's economy is a mixture of agriculture, mining, manufacturing and service industries. The main export products are electronic equipment, canned food, clean vegetables and plastic products

The country attaches importance to the packaging industry, national economy and development plan, and has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the packaging industry. The packaging materials in Thailand are mainly paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal and coarse linen bags

normal>2.1 environmental protection

normal> environmental problems in Thailand are divided into rural environmental problems and urban environmental problems. The environmental problems in rural areas mainly include deforestation, soil erosion and so on. It communicates through the serial port (COM) behind the computer

normal> urban environmental problems include entrance expansion, poor housing, traffic congestion, and water and air pollution

normal> the main environmental problems faced by industry are: (a) air pollution. (b) Water pollution. (c) Hazardous waste. (d) Ozone depleting substances (ODS). (e) Solid waste

normal>2.2 packaging waste and environmental countermeasures

normal> solid waste in Thailand is becoming a serious problem, especially in Bangkok, which has a population of more than 6 million. 5400 ~ 6000 tons of solid waste are collected every day, but not all these wastes can be disposed of

normal> although the waste produced by industrial packaging in Thailand does not cause too serious problems, plastic bags and foam polystyrene containers are difficult to decompose naturally. In Bangkok, about 20% - 30% of plastic containers are recycled. The glass bottles used for beverages are recycled by the deposit method, and the aluminum box has been recycled by the deposit method since 1991

normal> at present, do not cause major damage by abnormal production and continuous use. Thailand has not formulated regulations on the management of packaging waste, but various measures to control solid waste are increasing

normal> some large companies, multinational companies and export companies in Thailand have begun to pay attention to environmental issues, and a few companies have invested in recycling and treating these packaging wastes

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