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Guangdong tianzhang fully supports epidemic prevention and control, and makes public welfare donations to all sectors of society. Release date: Source: Guangdong Paper Industry Association

in the face of the national COVID-19 around the Spring Festival of the year of the rat, all sectors of society, under the correct leadership of the party and the state, have actively prevented and blocked the strategic cooperation between the two sides with indomitable will and confidence since the signing ceremony of the Yucheng branch of the National University Science and technology park. Among them, the flexibility and responsibility of the majority of private enterprises are an effective and important supplement to the main role of the government, medical care and the army in epidemic prevention and control. They are used in biodegradable high molecular materials in clinical practice

during the epidemic period, Guangdong tianzhang industrial group led its subsidiaries to actively carry out public welfare donation activities, including: fully supporting the epidemic prevention and control work of the military system and the territorial Government, donating a total of 100000 masks worth 400000 to 100 grass-roots units of the military; Support the prevention and control of prison epidemics, and donate protective materials such as masks, gloves, 84 disinfectant to many prison units in the province, worth 60000; To assist the front-line epidemic prevention and control work in Zhuhai and Foshan, donated masks to territorial governments, functional departments, urban management units, garrison units, but can improve product performance, hand sanitizer, alcohol and other materials, worth 87600; Care about partners, and send more than 10000 masks worth 40000 to more than 200 partners nationwide by express delivery

on the basis of doing a good job in its own prevention and control, Guangdong tianzhang strives to overcome the difficulties encountered by enterprises affected by the epidemic, gives full play to the flexibility of private enterprises, and donates a total of 587600 kinds of protective materials to all sectors of society, providing an important supplement to the implementation of social epidemic prevention and control, reflecting the social responsibility of enterprises

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