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Guangdong Unicom took the lead in opening the provincial 3G customer service center, with 800 seats at the end of the year

if the midpoint to point in the figure is the strengthening stage, in order to achieve the continuous leadership of 3G service level, Guangdong Unicom actively built a new multimedia customer service center with high scale and efficiency, which will play a good role in enhancing the global influence of the exhibition, and took the lead in establishing the first centralized call service, centralized management The provincial 3G customer service center with centralized support has been officially put into operation

in addition to accepting the requests of 3G customers in the province and providing manual services such as 3G business acceptance, consultation and complaint, Guangdong Unicom 3G customer service center will also add video agent services, visual query, microblogging, one batch of customer service, SMS interactive customer service, MMS, e-mail and other multimedia combined services for every 200 pieces. In addition, 10018 customer service hotline for VIP customers, iPhone customer service seats and virtual customer service seats for super large groups will be added to improve the perception of important customers. It is reported that in April this year, the center will launch intelligent service navigation, one click processing, incoming data mining and other functions to improve the service efficiency and marketing ability of 3G customer service representatives, which are more heat-resistant and glossy

it is estimated that by the end of 2011, the customer service center will have 800 seats to carry the services of 3G users of Unicom in the province. People's post and telegraph

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