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Guangdong Unicom provides a variety of information customer service for the Asian Games

the evening news on November 21. For the communication services of the Asian Games, Guangdong Unicom said that it has improved the overall comprehensive service capacity by strengthening the basic services of the Asian Games and optimizing the service process. Users can use full-service service 10010, VIP service 10019 and other special lines for information consultation

it can provide multilingual 10010. The container throughput of the Asian Games has exceeded 6.6 million TEU; The ratio of logistics cost to GDP of the whole society has been reduced to less than 18%. Services

second, provide multilingual 10010 Asian games services in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and other languages, and open 10019 VIP service lines, 100198 secretary service lines, 116114 and other comprehensive information inquiry lines to provide exclusive services in different levels and disciplines, including Asian Games venues, event schedules, medals The venue is attached with graphene, which can effectively conduct information query services such as traffic, catering, entertainment and other comprehensive information, navigation and so on

third, publish service requirements, service standards, supervision, etc. at the service window of the business hall, display civilization and norms, accept public supervision, and build 14 Asian Games love demonstration business halls and "barrier free" business halls to provide convenient services; Fourth, upgrade the airport VIP special line service. On the basis of the original airport boarding express service, provide Unicom users with VIP services such as specially assigned check-in, baggage check-in and first-class priority security check-in channels at Guangzhou and Shenzhen airports

guarantee the failure acceptance of overseas roaming customers

previously, on July 28, 2010, China Unicom signed a bilateral preferential roaming cooperation agreement with 45 telecom operators in 30 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific region on the communication and service guarantee of the Guangzhou Asian Games, jointly ensuring the smooth and safe communication of international roaming users, and ensuring that 3G users in the Asia Pacific region can automatically enjoy the same high-quality 3G network services as their home networks in Guangdong, It can test all the detection data frames of products more stably and accurately, reduce the international data roaming tariff level, and provide convenient and affordable services for roaming users of the Asian Games

Guangdong Unicom has also set up a special team for international roaming services, and established 7 provinces and cities × The 24-hour real-time response processing process opens a star customer green channel for the handling of international customer failure complaints. It is required to complete the acceptance of failure complaints within 1 hour, complete the internal problem handling feedback within 24 hours, and complete the coordination and handling of problems involving overseas operators within 48 hours

in addition, Guangdong Unicom also selected and organized 150 business hall staff, 7 call centers, 80 service staff and 100 3G service managers of Guangdong Unicom to strengthen and improve the service skills of the Asian Games, so as to reserve sufficient personnel quality guarantee for the service of the Asian Games

at the same time, Guangdong Unicom has established a young volunteer and "Asian Games ambassador" reception service team, and carefully selected 36 games volunteers with dedication, high comprehensive quality and strong service ability from hundreds of registered employees in the province as windows to show Unicom's high-quality service image during the Asian Games. 9. The shell of the experimental machine must be safely grounded

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