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With the strengthening of national supervision and the impact of the global financial crisis, the second-hand printing set up Jinan test closed machinery market once went downhill, especially the tariff and value-added tax required to import second-hand printing equipment, which deterred many printing enterprises. Low investment cost has become the dominant factor in the purchase behavior of modern printing enterprises. However, under the overall pressure, it has bred the vigorous development of domestic second-hand printing equipment transactions. Domestic secondary trading channels are relatively simple, generally through the intention of both parties, on-site investigation, trial, etc., and finally trading. The printing equipment eliminated in China is mainly concentrated in state-owned printing enterprises. It is a common phenomenon in the second-hand printing equipment market that large factories are eliminated and small factories are bought. As long as there is a demand for a high-tech shown on origami, there will be business opportunities. The actual demand of domestic printing enterprises determines the active development of the domestic second-hand printing equipment market

perspective of the second-hand printing equipment market

main content: the development of the second-hand printing equipment market in the printing industry has continued for decades. With the deepening of reform and opening up, it has formed a strong force. At the end of the 1980s, the second-hand equipment market, in which the water in the initially formed film naturally volatilized into the atmosphere, was not standardized, and the state did not issue relevant laws and regulations to guide it. As a result, a large number of imported second-hand equipment poured into the country, which not only promoted the rapid development of the domestic printing industry, but also foreshadowed the disorderly competition in the domestic printing industry

living space of second-hand printing equipment

main content: in the purchase of second-hand equipment, we must study the reason why an enterprise chooses second-hand printing equipment rather than new equipment. Here are two concepts: one is the comparison between second-hand imported printing equipment and domestic brand-new printing equipment. The second is the comparison between second-hand imported printing equipment and new imported printing equipment. The former is similar in price, but different in quality. The greater difference of the latter is in price

the current situation of the standardization of China's second-hand printing equipment market

main content: the source power for domestic printing enterprises to generally accept second-hand printing equipment is the lack of corporate liquidity, as well as the increasingly high requirements of domestic customers for printing quality. At present, the labor price in the domestic printing market is generally low. Therefore, many printing enterprises choose second-hand printing equipment with high cost performance, which is a feasible measure in the case of insufficient liquidity. Among the many problems of importing second-hand printing equipment, the most important one is the tax problem. The 25% tariff plus 17% value-added tax undoubtedly gives a big discount to profits, which makes many businesses flinch

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