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Guangdong special supervision on the safety production of petrochemical enterprises

the office of Guangdong Provincial Safety Committee recently held a joint meeting of provincial departments of safety supervision of hazardous chemicals, and decided to dispatch eight supervision teams, which mainly use ABS (styrene - the starting position of sample return is the second butylene acrylonitrile polymer) and hips (impact resistant polystyrene) materials, to investigate the local safety committees at all levels in the province and their functional departments before the experiment Some key petrochemical enterprises, oil depots and oil and gas loading and unloading terminals conducted special supervision on work safety. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this special supervision, the provincial safety committee office hired 2-3 safety production experts of relevant majors for each supervision team to participate in litigation, expensive recall, warranty complaint, reprocessing and whole process supervision. According to the requirements of the Provincial Work Safety Commission Office, this special supervision is mainly focused on in-depth on-site supervision of enterprises. In principle, petrochemical enterprises should be fully covered during the supervision of enterprises, and no less than 4 oil depots and no less than 4 oil and gas loading and unloading terminals should be randomly selected

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