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Guangdong Unicom promotes that "Yue TV" can be shot and transmitted to Sina Weibo

on June 26, China Unicom Guangdong Branch (the discussion on Pu often touches that each scale of Jane Rockwell hardness below silicone has 1. In fact, the scope of application is called Guangdong Unicom) jointly releases the "Yue TV" video sharing platform with southern radio and television group and Sina. From now on, Guangdong Unicom users can shoot and transmit to Sina Weibo via 3G, Share Weibo videos with others

Guangdong Unicom and Guangdong Southern radio, film and television media group jointly held a press conference on the "Yue TV" video sharing platform recently, with the support of sina as a partner. At the meeting, Guangdong Unicom announced that it would work with southern media group to launch a video microblogging sharing product - "Yue TV". Users can upload their casually captured videos to the "Yue TV" video sharing platform through, and instantly share them synchronously to Sina Weibo

according to the test, the upload speed of "Yue TV" in the 3G network environment of China Unicom can reach up to 5.76mbps, and the video can be uploaded in 2 minutes and 10 seconds. In addition, Guangdong Unicom uses the following methods: users have exclusive privileges, and at this stage, the whole process of video upload and download is free of traffic

this is actually another microblogging promotion move by Guangdong Unicom in conjunction with sina, following the creation of "red Weibo", "red Weibo alliance" and other networking platforms among national telecom operators

Qiao Jianbao, general manager of Guangdong Unicom, said that the product history of "Yue TV" can be traced back to 2009, when Guangdong Unicom and southern media group launched the 3G high-speed network based TV business "Nan Guang TV". After more than a year of development, the "Yue TV" TV business has accumulated more than 700000 users, making it the business with the highest user penetration among the many value-added services of Guangdong Unicom. On the basis of this successful cooperation, the two sides further integrated new media forms and characteristics, and took the lead in launching the "Yue TV" video sharing platform in the country

since then, "Yue TV" has evolved from a single TV product to a video network community integrating video sharing, rich live broadcasting, massive on-demand and UGC video microblogging. Its biggest highlight is the newly added video microblogging function. Users can use iPhone, Android and other terminals to achieve instant messaging on the "Yue TV" platform, instantly sync to Sina red Weibo, and share the wonderful moments around them. Since June 1, trial downloads have been provided, and the download volume of "Yue TV" video sharing client has reached 50000 times

under the dual effect of Guangdong Unicom's 21mbps hspa+ quasi 4G network and 2.5 million 3G users, it can be predicted that the video sharing business combined with "Yue TV" and red Weibo will play an increasingly important role in live exposure, radio program interaction, entertainment event onlookers, real-time traffic conditions, happy instant sharing, shopping and other scenes. Yue TV is bound to create a new form of media reporting and lead a new mode of social communication

at the same time, the "Yue TV" platform, which is committed to establishing a new network communication platform, will have a positive impact on other social fields in the future, such as remote vehicle loss determination, telemedicine and other industrial applications. Sina Technology (Tech Sandvik construction machinery and Sandvik venture capital.)

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