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Dongguan Yuepai decorative materials has been developing and manufacturing practical technologies and applied materials for jade and marble glass, which have been supplied to old customers in a new ordinary processing factory across the country. The main products are marble paper with glue, marbled paper, marbled film with glue transfer, and marble paper glue on glass. Marble paper with glue can be pasted on flat glass, curved, plexiglass plates, and can be operated manually without equipment, without pollution. Marble paper with glue is processed with Super Sticky special glue and has obtained national patents. The finished glass made of plastic marble paper is water-resistant and high-temperature resistant

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we welcome new and old customers to send letters to take physical samples for operation experiments, and further understand our products so as to cooperate with each other. We will try our best to make the waste plastic recycling economy roughly divided into waste plastic recycling, sorting and crushing, regenerative granulation, recycled material processing products and other links. You are 100% satisfied

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