The hottest Guangdong Salt uses new labels

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Guangdong Salt uses the new label

it was learned from Guangdong Salt Industry Corporation that from October 1 this year, the packaging of Guangdong salt will implement the new label with national unified specifications according to the relevant national regulations, which will help protect the proximity switch and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and salt production and processing enterprises

according to the introduction, the new label of table salt that our province will implement on October 1 this year, the content of ordinary table salt must include: product name, ingredient list, iodine content, net content, manufacturer or packager's name and address, distribution unit and address, production or packager's date, product grade, product standard number, shelf life, etc., and the functional name of the added elements must be marked for multi variety salt, Non iodine edible salt should be marked with suitable population range and consumption method

(information source: Jinyang)

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