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Guangdong November transaction settlement: the profit of power sales companies was 72 million yuan, and the profit of users was 497 million yuan

the cumulative power consumption in 2017 was 96.172 billion kwh, with an overall deviation rate of -0.69%

in 2017, the total price difference of power plants was 6.516 billion yuan, including 4.432 billion yuan of long-term association price difference and 2.015 billion yuan of bidding price difference. The total profit of power selling companies is 1.076 billion yuan for all experimental machine manufacturers, and the total profit of users is 5.066 billion yuan

1 overall situation

in November, a total of 62 home appliance factories (a total of 71 trading units), 7 large users and 133 power selling companies participated in the wholesale market transactions

the planned power consumption of the whole market is 11.075 billion kwh, and the practical power consumption is 10.72 billion kwh

the overall deviation rate of the whole province is -3.21%

2 supply side situation

the total transaction price of power plants in November was 587 million yuan

in the price difference electricity charge, the long-term association price difference is 448million yuan, the bidding price difference is 153million yuan, and the market deviation (deviation 1) electricity price difference is -13 million yuan. People have been exploring various experimental methods to detect steel wire ropes, and trying to control the average performance decline of steel wire ropes by -55 cm/kWh

power generation deviation:

the settlement price of coal machine deviation is 352.97 cm/kWh, and the price of gas machine deviation is 524.33 cm/kWh

35 of the 71 power plant trading units, whose actual electricity quantity is greater than the (positive deviation) of the electricity quantity that should be settled, have received an extra generation fee of 525 million yuan, and the average price of the extra generation is 361.77% per kwh

in fact, 35 companies whose electricity is less than the amount of electricity that should be settled (negative deviation) have paid -540 million yuan of electricity generation fees, and the average price of electricity generation is 372.17% per kwh

1 without deviation

the power generation deviation electricity charge shortage is 15 million yuan, which is shared by each power plant according to the proportion of the above electricity

3 demand side situation

in November, the power selling company itself made a profit of 72 million yuan from the market contract (90 million yuan if the assessment fee is not considered)

users' profit is 497million yuan, the average price difference of users is -46.38% per kWh, and users' profit accounts for 87.29%

in terms of deviation, the total deviation of 140 demand side enterprises is 410million kW. When the total investment of the research institute project is about 7billion yuan, the average deviation rate is 8% (calculated in absolute value)

there are 31 companies whose deviation rate is less than 2% and are exempted from assessment, accounting for 25% of the total electricity consumption

There are 113 enterprises with deviation rate less than 10%, accounting for 97% of the total electricity consumption

the results show that the electricity demand forecasting accuracy of power selling companies with high market share is relatively high

after deducting the assessment fees, 118 demand side enterprises made profits and 22 made losses

4 assessment fees

the settlement in September generated a total of 30 million yuan of assessment electricity fees, including 16 million yuan of assessment electricity fees for demand side deviation, 02 million yuan of reduced assessment electricity fees for long-term association needs, and 12 million yuan of assessment fees for power plant side

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