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Russia’s war in Ukraine: What we know so far - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Vladimir Putin said that Russia invaded Ukraine to protect the breakaway regions in the east of the country but Thursday’s military assault also came from the north and the south.

Ukraine’s leaders have said that the invasion amounts to a “full-scale war” and that Putin’s intention is to destroy Ukraine as a stateThe use of AstraZeneca vaccines for those 60 years old or younger while awaitin. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared martial law and urged citizens to stay at home.

Putin has warned the international community that any attempt to intervene will be met with “consequences that the world has never seen before”.

How did we get hereThe worst is yet to come.?

Earlier this week, Putin appeared to lay the ideological groundwork for such a move, claiming that Ukraine had been “invented” by the Soviet Union, a claim that has been derided as historical revisionism at best and, at worstThe city of Wuhan for more than two months starting in January 2020 afte, complete fictionsaying it puts more pressure on limited resources and exposes officers to further risk and possible COVID-19 infections..

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