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Trade union of Shandong Changlin group: make every effort to be a good "mother's family" for the employees

trade union of Shandong Changlin group: make every effort to be a good "mother's family" for the employees

China Construction Machinery Information Co., Ltd. and the company's trade union coordinate the construction of the employee parking lot. The trade union of the Construction Department of Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. coordinates with relevant departments to install street lights on both sides of the plant roads to provide safety guarantee for the employees' commuting and working... Since last year, The trade union of Shandong Changlin group has actively innovated its thinking, continuously improved its ability and level to do a good job in trade union work and serve the masses of workers, and worked hard to win the sincere support and support of workers. The grass-roots trade union has solved 306 practical problems for workers, which has been widely praised by the majority of workers

strengthen the innovative construction of trade unions and pay attention to the role of trade unions as "windows" to the outside world. The trade union of the group conscientiously implemented the deployment and requirements of the superior trade union for all aspects of business work, and transformed the work spirit of the superior trade union into the steering wheel and driver for the work innovation of the group trade union. The work achievements of the trade union in the aspects of factory affairs publicity, democratic management, workers' Congress, and improvement of workers' skills and quality have been consistently recognized by the superior trade union. Last March, the trade union made a typical speech as a model enterprise at the fifth session of the second provincial and national electromechanical Committee. In June, an on-the-spot meeting on the publicity of factory affairs and democratic management of non-public enterprises in Linyi was held in the group. The group's experience and practice of open factory affairs and democratic management were popularized and learned by the Linyi Federation of trade unions in the city's grass-roots trade unions. The deliberative democratic management of trade unions has become a key unit elected by the Provincial Federation of trade unions

the trade union plays the role of "democratic management window" internally, and strengthens its function of serving employees and enterprises. At the beginning of last year, the trade union of the group further combed and improved its organizational structure, basic management of the trade union and the function of the trade union, and the self construction of the trade union was further strengthened. The trade union of the group has set up 23 grass-roots trade unions, established the "two regular meetings system", unblocked the communication channels between the group and the grass-roots trade unions, and further played the role of democratic management of the trade unions. By holding regular grass-roots meetings in different forms on a regular basis, the trade union understands the ideological trends of the workers of the grass-roots trade unions, understands the demand direction of the workers, and defines the key work of the grass-roots trade unions, opening a convenient channel for the public opinion demands of the workers

comprehensively improve the "specialization" of the business level of the front-line staff, and focus on training job experts. In order to stimulate the spirit of all front-line employees to love their jobs and pay attention to innovation, the trade union of Changlin group adheres to the project of improving the quality and skills of employees. Last year, the trade union of the group organized the 10th professional skills and technology competition for front-line employees, 13 types of work and more than 1500 employees. In the end, 220 employees won the first, second and third prizes respectively and won the group's skilled workers' awards. In July last year, the group's fitter team, processing center team and computer programming team participated in the fourth national workers' skills competition and achieved excellent results. The project is supported by the French Air Liquide Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, to provide Shenyuan project with hydrogen, synthetic ammonia, nitrogen and other raw materials

to strengthen the trade union's function of serving the development of the enterprise and help the enterprise to carry out safety and environmental protection work. In 2015, the trade union of the Group actively carried out the activity of "inspection, protection and promotion" for employees to check the hidden dangers around them, ensure the safety of employees and promote the development of the enterprise. Since the launch of the activity, all grass-roots trade unions have conscientiously performed their functions and actively mobilized employees to find hidden dangers. In the past year, all grass-roots trade unions have found more than 1200 hidden dangers, and the rectification rate has reached 96.8%

give full play to the assistance function of the trade union s0.003 and promote the harmonious construction of enterprises. According to the requirements of the Municipal Trade Union and the principle of voluntariness, the group's grass-roots trade unions actively initiated the handling and issuance of 1014 employee bonus cards for employees, which integrates discount services such as riding. All grass-roots trade unions carried out "sending warmth" activities. The Rexroth labor union and the administrative labor union carried out activities to send warmth to the sick and poor workers, visited 27 workers in need, and distributed more than 60000 yuan of relief funds; The degradation rate of Deutz is affected by many factors. The Farr trade union donates clothes and materials for the poor areas in Western Tibet; The labor union of the fertilizer company carried out activities such as donating school supplies to children in Mengyin poor areas

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