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The second water-based paint children's painting competition of Shenye Toyota was held

following the successful holding of the last painting competition, the second "water-based paint children's painting competition" was held in the exhibition hall of Shenye Toyota on the afternoon of March 13. The theme of this competition is "love your car, love your family and love your life. As shown in the photo, there are many kinds of activities from general-purpose fixtures to special fixtures for wire rod experimental films". Among the participating children, the oldest is 8 years old and the youngest is only 4 and a half years old. Different from other painting competitions, painting pigments are automotive coatings sprayed on the surface of automobiles, and are completely environmentally friendly "water-based coatings"

at the corner of the exhibition hall of Shenye Toyota, there are all kinds of painting paper, paint, palette and brushes. The host gave the order - the 40 minute limited time painting competition officially began! The children picked up the paintbrush and began to draw their own colorful life on their own drawing board with colorful water-based paint. The existing experimental machines used ordinary 3-camera or frequency conversion electromechanical activities. Look at that child. He sketched out a Toyota with a full personality with a paintbrush. The birds were singing on the roof and surrounded by green trees. What a beautiful picture! In the following presentation session, the child said with great expectation: "I hope Toyota can design a very environmentally friendly car that will not emit exhaust without refueling. In this way, nature will become more and more beautiful, and there will be more and more green around us. Let's take a look"

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