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Lightweight high-performance rubber products become the development direction of enterprises

in order to promote sustainable, resource-saving and environment-friendly motorization worldwide, LANXESS is systematically developing high-tech plastics for lightweight structures and high-performance rubber products with low rolling resistance and fuel saving

in the field of automotive lightweight structure development, Langsheng's high-performance thermoplastic durriton, Baogen and tepex can be widely used in the automotive industry, and can reduce the vehicle weight by 50 kg, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 4% and reducing carbon dioxide emissions per 100 kilometers by 0.5 kg. Among them, the latest dulidon polyamide 6 is used in the fuel tank lining of natural gas vehicles. It is reported that the weight of the plastic fuel tank made in this way is only one quarter of that of the solid steel fuel tank, reducing the total weight of the vehicle by 7%

in addition, tepex continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites of bond laminates, a subsidiary of LANXESS group, are high-performance and economical substitutes for carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting lightweight materials. Potential application fields that can directly adopt tepex hybrid technology in mass production include automobile front end, automobile seat, seat beam, pedal and airbag shell

another specialty of LANXESS in the field of green motorization is that its high-performance rubber products can specify that the stress when the permanent residual plastic deformation is equal to 1 constant value (1 is generally 0.2% of the original length) is enough to reduce the rolling of tires. Honeywell's technology is 1 in 3 After the installation and commissioning of equipment, resistance has been rapidly and widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and transportation industries, so as to reduce fuel consumption by 5-7% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. LANXESS has developed a concept tire with its rubber products and additives, which is one of the first products in the world to obtain the AA level certification of the EU tire labeling law

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