The hottest lightweight car seat won the Innovatio

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Lightweight car seats won the Innovation Award

Johnson Controls (Johnson Controls), a global industrial product group located in the United States for nearly 10 years, won the "green" clepa (European Federation of automotive suppliers) Innovation Award for its "easy and happy reform" new car seat project

the team controlled by Johnson and its development partners Evonik industries group, HBW gubesch, Toho Tenax Europe and Aachen University of technology in Germany are jointly committed to a project called "camisma" for short, which aims to reduce the weight of car seats without sacrificing strength. They made a complex multi-layer structure of steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic, plus carbon fiber non-woven fabric and thermoplastic belt made of carbon filament

lightweight car seats won the Innovation Award

in this project, the whole team spent three years to achieve the desired result: a car seat that is more than 40% lighter than the traditional seat made of metal, and can finally be produced without increasing additional costs

"lightweight technology can not only save resources, reduce energy consumption, but also reduce pollutant emissions. The demand in the automotive industry is greater than ever." Andreas Eppinger, vice president of technology management at Johnson Controls Automotive interiors

"in order to provide customers with the best innovative seat products, we will invest a lot in new materials, technologies and manufacturing processes." He added

Johnson Controls predicts that customers will be able to purchase this camisma seat on the market in 2019

Johnson Controls Co., Ltd. is the world's largest independent supplier of auto parts and seats. The operation is simple and fast. The company was founded in 1885, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States. So far, it has developed into a company with an output value of hundreds of millions of dollars, ranking the world leader in auto parts and construction facilities

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