The hottest lighthouse paint suspends an asset tra

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Lighthouse paint suspended an asset transfer

lighthouse paint suspended an asset transfer

January 23, 2003

lighthouse paint (000695) said that the company's second extraordinary general meeting in 2001 had decided to transfer 260million assets and corresponding liabilities to the controlling shareholder Tianjin Jinlian investment and Trade Co., Ltd, This is based on the cooperation between COSCO industrial company affiliated to COSCO Transportation Group Corporation and the Development Zone Corporation to establish COSCO lamp 5 The angle system adopts double acting servo cylinder and is fixed on the base of the vertical host The double acting servo computer will collect various experimental data from time to time to serve the oil cylinder, angle plate, club and support seat to form the angle system According to samples of different sizes, the length of the spherical rod can be changed to meet the experimental requirements of different specimen thicknesses. The reorganization step taken by tower coating group is

. By the end of 2002, 79.45 million yuan of assets and corresponding liabilities had been actually transferred. The company said that because COSCO industrial

company and the head office of the Development Zone failed to reach an agreement in the process of cooperation negotiation, the cooperation was terminated, so the company's asset transfer

work was temporarily suspended. The orders of Chinese plastic extruder enterprises rose sharply. B.t241 ⑴ 990 metal tube hydraulic test method ended

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