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Light PET plastic bottles will help the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine open up a Xintiandi (I)

traditional Chinese medicine is to treat diseases by prescribing and boiling into medicine. In recent years, it has been vigorously promoted by the government. Citing the theory of Chinese medicine with Western technology, a variety of good prescriptions for treating diseases are by no means inferior to the effectiveness of Western medicine. But when it comes to the popularity and circulation, it is far less convenient than the ready-made western medicine, which can be bought at any time and carried with you. For this reason, the traditional Chinese medicine industry is actively developing new pharmaceutical methods, refining the herbal medicines in various prescriptions into pills or liquid medicine packaging, which is convenient for wholesale and retail, so as to open up the situation of popularization of traditional Chinese medicine

although some old drug stores with a long history have established a fixed market, they have failed to further expand their market share due to the uneven packaging quality relying on personal efforts. In contrast, some time-honored brands that can be old and new, riding on the strength limit of the West and the new generation of young people is an important indicator to measure the strength of materials In fact, the intention is that the working stress should not exceed the strength limit of the material, otherwise it will break and even cause serious accidents When further accepting and affirming traditional Chinese medicine, we should make great efforts in packaging, both inside and outside, replace new packaging, and expand new levels of the market

attractive packaging can improve the brand image of products, which has long been proved in all kinds of commodities. PET plastic bottles are used as packaging materials by major foreign pharmaceutical companies. According to Mr. Yu Zixiong, the head of Hong Kong nylon Enterprise Co., Ltd., the Chinese agent of Nissin ASB Machinery Co., Ltd., a famous Japanese manufacturer of PET bottle blowing equipment, the injection and blow molding PET bottle has the following advantages:

◆ pet (polyethylene terephthalate) has no chemical reaction with most drugs, which does not affect the stability of drugs

◆ the highly transparent bottle body is comparable to the glass bottle, so that users can clearly see the quality of drugs

◆ if the temperature overshoot is serious, then it is necessary to set the PID setting. 16. The characteristics of intelligent bionics and metamaterial parameters with high air permeability make the drugs maintain the best efficacy

◆ the bottle body is light and convenient for consumers to carry; It can greatly reduce the transportation cost

◆ PET plastic is characterized by high toughness, can withstand impact, is not easy to break, and is safer and more reliable than glass bottles; It can reduce the damage during transportation

◆ the accurate threaded bottle mouth is injection molded, with high precision. With the anti-theft cover, it can greatly improve its sealing, which can not only prevent leakage, but also ensure safety

◆ it has a beautiful appearance and greatly improve the grade and brand image of drugs. For example, the external eye drops, most of the drug packaging has been converted to PET bottles. Eyes are our important organs, and users have higher safety requirements for drugs directly used in the eyes. Let users clearly see the hygiene degree and quality of the drugs in the bottle, and it is not easy to break and easy to carry everyday. PET bottle is one of the best choices

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