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The lighting business has been redone for 8 years, with a revenue of 1billion

the lighting market is facing the impact of intelligence, and new forces have broken through the ground. It is likely that in this market, some new companies with intelligent lighting as their main business will emerge

yeelight Yilai intelligence is a typical example. As a new intelligent lighting company founded in 2012, it has surpassed the traditional lighting forces in terms of business and financing ability

this year, Yi Lai has been registered with Qingdao securities regulatory bureau for counseling and planning to go public. This approach has an impact on enterprises, which is obviously different from the veterans of lighting enterprises

and just in April this year, yeelight completed c+ financing, which was jointly invested by CITIC Jinshi and Everbright Holdings. Public information shows that in 2019, yeelight's revenue exceeded 1billion yuan. It is said that the sales in 2020 will reach 1.5 billion yuan, and there will be more than 300 offline stores in the country

in other words, after only eight years, lighting enterprises have built on the fast track of Xiaomi ecological chain, achieved an annual revenue of more than 1 billion, and maintained rapid growth, which is likely to be in the forefront of lighting enterprises. Some of these practices are worth exploring carefully

let's first look at the specific background, development and some business strategies of yeelight Yilai

joining the Xiaomi ecological chain and getting the investment from relevant companies of Xiaomi will undoubtedly provide a great help to the success of yeelight

as early as 2014, Xiaomi, through its Tianjin Jinxing Venture Capital Co., Ltd., invested in a round for Yi Lai, becoming the third largest shareholder, holding 11.66%

with the blessing of Xiaomi, it will undoubtedly have a great impact on attracting follow-up funds

for example, Zhuhai Changrong in round B and a number of external forces have been introduced in round C, including Kaihui fund, blueprint capital, Shunwei fund, GIC fund, etc. In the c+ round, CITIC Jinshi and Everbright Holdings, the two investors, are also very powerful roles

in the intelligent lighting industry, the requirements for technical level, sales channels and other links are relatively high. It is no longer just a problem of lighting after the lamp is powered on, but can be regulated in a variety of ways, and can also form a linkage. Only when sufficient funds are in place can we be able to support a strong technology and product system

for example, some technologies of yeelight, such as the "smart lighting forever" smart switch, one sentence smart light configuration, Bluetooth self-organizing series products without delay and long distance, are quite good

according to the company's executives, these technologies make lighting equipment more intelligent, and also make it easier for ordinary designers and installers to deploy intelligent lighting products, helping to achieve the popularization of customized lighting

after 8 years of accumulation, in addition to technical innovation, yeelight Yilai has a relatively complete product layout in the intelligent lighting sector, and has formed a whole house intelligent lighting product line

including home decoration lighting, stage lighting, intelligent electrical appliances, atmosphere lighting and intelligent lighting control, with research and development capabilities from optics, hardware design, embedded systems, communication systems, intelligent apps, cloud platforms, etc

at the official meeting, five series were highlighted, including ceiling lamps, desk lamps, basic lighting, ambient lighting, intelligent lighting control, etc., especially the two series of ceiling lamps and desk lamps, which have created a number of popular products, including segmented products specifically for the children's market

sales channels are also relatively perfect. For example, Xiaomi's online channels, including Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi mall, have given a lot of traffic

according to an article by Lu, among the lighting products sold by Xiaomi Youpin, more than 6 in Chengdu are yeelight's. Moreover, it has operated tmall flagship store, flagship store, Suning flagship store, etc. in recent years, it can win a place in the performance ranking at major promotion nodes such as double 11 and 618

offline outlets are advancing synchronously. According to official information, at present, but when the contraction rate is certain, there are more than 100 agents and more than 300 experience stores

in addition to continuing to develop Xiaomi ecological chain, stores, offline stores and other channels, yeelight Yilai is also looking for ways to enhance its sales capacity, such as cooperating with interior design companies and decoration companies to promote customized intelligent lighting products

at the same time, it cooperates with Google China, Softbank of Japan, naver of South Korea, yandex of Russia, Samsung of South Korea and other giants to explore the international market

yeelight's success is not only due to its ability to become the leader of intelligent lighting in Xiaomi's ecological chain in its early days, but also to its support from brands, funds and other aspects

and its own business strategy is also very smart, such as adhering to the main line of intelligence from the beginning, and polishing products around light experience and light quality

first do the single product sales of intelligent lighting equipment, and continue to create a variety of popular models, such as intelligent LED lights, dimmable light and color. The first generation products are 249 yuan, and the second generation products are 59 yuan, which can be controlled through Xiaomi smart home app. In addition, we have also made intelligent ceiling lamps, intelligent eye protection table lamps, charging induction night lamps, etc

after turning off the power supply, the design and implementation services of intelligent lighting products in the whole house will be arranged, that is, according to the owner's needs, decoration and living habits, the intelligent lighting scheme will be customized, and then through the design software, the owner can see the 3D design effect drawing in advance

according to the query, in December 2019, the intelligent lighting design service business was fully deployed. Until July 2020, yeelight released the yeelight Pro whole house intelligent lighting design service, claiming to provide intelligent home lighting solutions at the level of five-star hotels

Yilai stores are different from traditional lighting enterprises. In the past, the focus was on displaying a variety of lamp products, but now it is more focused on the creation of lighting atmosphere and the control experience of intelligent lighting in the whole house. Customers experience on the spot, communicate with lighting designers one-on-one, and put forward customized lighting needs

moreover, yeelight has set up an intelligent lighting design team. Through the intelligent lighting design software, designers can quickly design the whole house lighting through the software. At the same time, the software has built-in the whole house lighting template of common house types, which can be used as a reference for consumers to choose. According to yeelight's plan, it is not limited to the high-end route of intelligent lighting design, but to find ways to pursue cost performance and reduce the price of customized design services to a level that most families can afford

in terms of compatibility, yeelight is also excellent. It comes from Xiaomi, but it is not limited to Xiaomi. It not only has its own intelligent voice assistant, but also supports Xiaoai classmate, Microsoft Xiaobing, apple homekit, Google assistant, etc., which expands the matching range of products and attracts a larger customer base

the coordinated promotion of online and offline channels makes yeelight have the potential to do more. For example, yeelight is promoting the "prairie fire plan", and the scope of provincial agents will continue to expand; At the same time, the number of prefecture level agents will increase from 100 to 300

not surprisingly, in the next few years, yeelight may become the top ten in the civil lighting market, and it may already be in the top ten in terms of intelligent lighting alone

however, there is still much room for improvement. After all, the penetration rate of intelligent lighting is not very high, especially in the mass market dominated by the middle class, there are still many things to be done

in order to continue to go up the ladder, intelligent lighting enterprises, mainly yeelight, must find ways to reduce costs, thereby reducing the purchase threshold of consumers, in order to enter the purchase list of mass buyers

at present, after all, the use habits of smart lamps, purchase costs, and insufficient brand endorsement have affected the enthusiasm of buyers. This is the opportunity for cutting-edge enterprises

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