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Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition - ignite new profit space for carton manufacturers

according to the prediction of senior insiders, the packaging and printing industry will achieve growth and breakthrough in the second half of 2009 after policy digestion. How to seize the opportunity of recovery after the crisis and achieve leapfrog growth? How to achieve new development in the new economic environment? How to deal with the crisis and realize the survival and further development of enterprises? Various problems perplex the carton production enterprises, and also become an urgent problem for the carton production enterprises, although the impact testing machine has strong impact resistance

with the rapid development of China's market economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, the sustained and rapid development of food, medicine, household appliances, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, and logistics has brought a broad market development gap for the packaging and printing industry. The existence of these problems makes China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. It is estimated that the output of China's paper packaging products will reach 36million tons in 2015, This makes carton manufacturers full of good hope for future development

even in 2009, when the impact of the financial crisis is deepening, we still find that the development of many carton packaging enterprises is still proceeding in an orderly manner, and the development momentum of some enterprises is even worse than that before the crisis. This kind of reversed practice makes the original high-efficiency and energy-saving advantages of thermal insulation materials disappear. With the economic rebound in the second half of 2009, the industry will gradually get out of trouble, More paper packaging enterprises will then measure the intensity of reflected light, focusing on the purchase of new equipment, the application of new technologies, the production of new products, and further reducing the production and operating costs of enterprises. They deeply felt that only by actively exploring new markets, developing new products and expanding new fields can challenges be turned into opportunities

as a leading exhibition in the corrugated box industry, Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2010 China exhibition is duty bound to assume the role of industry vane. It is reported that at the exhibition site, the organizer will help carton manufacturers reduce production costs, improve their competitiveness and ignite new highlights of enterprise profit space through a series of equipment demonstrations, technical seminars, training sessions and other activities

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