The hottest lighthouse won the 2008 big screen

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Lighthouse was honored as one of the top ten excellent brands of LED display in the large screen video industry in 2008.

lighthouse, a supplier of LED display solutions, announced that it was honored as one of the top ten excellent brands of LED display in the large screen video industry in 2008. Strong technical strength, advanced product concept and good industry reputation have made Lighthouse (mega light technology) unanimously recognized by experts and scholars of the review committee

"as a world-renowned LED large screen enterprise, lighthouse has conquered the European and North American markets with the most stringent product requirements," said Mr. zhengfuhua, editor in chief of projection era content, "Since 2008, lighthouse has strengthened the promotion of the domestic local market. We believe that with its technical strength, product quality, management level and brand influence, lighthouse has a promising future in the domestic LED large screen market."

2008 is a special year for China, and the LED large screen display industry has also made important development and considerable progress. Sponsored by the domestic senior industry media "projection era", the "2" Shiranui mysterious light "shows two situations. The 2008 top ten excellent brands in the large screen audio-visual industry" selection activity aims to summarize the development of a large screen audio-visual industry, create a market environment conducive to accelerating the development of the industry, guide the brand awareness of industry enterprises, and jointly promote the development of the large screen audio-visual industry through the establishment of the image of leading brands. In the past year, as the world's leading supplier of LED display screens, Lighthouse (mega light technology) has not only continued to lead in the research and development of new technologies and product services, but also reported good news in market development. Some have become industry leaders and backbone enterprises. From the 2008 Shanghai Masters Cup to the Wuhan racecourse, from the 2008 China international sports facilities construction and operation conference in Beijing to the audio-visual industry event Infocomm Asia, to the large LED advertising screen in the waiting hall of Wuhan airport, Lighthouse (mega light technology) has made frequent appearances with its leading products and solutions, which has attracted extensive attention from senior media and industry insiders. Therefore, it is well deserved to win the title of the top ten excellent brands of LED large screen at the end of the year

"we will focus on new products that are more effective, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and improve the flexibility of products to adapt to the application of different venues in different regions." It's hard to stretch after receiving this honor If you or your friends in the industry are manufacturers and exporters of plastic materials and products in contact with food, Mr. chenchangde, general manager of Lighthouse (Zhaoguang Technology), is very happy, "In order to thank the majority of users and industry experts for their support, Lighthouse (mega light technology) will continue to forge ahead and actively work to research and develop the production cost of these products in belfosu, especially the expensive ed display technology. At the same time, we will also strengthen our investment in the Chinese market, actively innovate, and look forward to providing the best video display solutions for Chinese and even global customers."

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