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Lightman long glass fiber thermoplastic composites make knife handles

recently, Lightman tool group chose RTP's long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites to produce the knife handles of its new folding knife products

when Leatherman, located in Portland, Oregon, decided to launch a new type of folding knife with improved performance, it put forward many requirements. This tool should be light, dent resistant, chemical resistant to a variety of chemicals, and have a good appearance

"the handle made of metal can't meet so many standards," said Michael Duncan, the procurement engineer of Leatherman. "We once considered using a carbon fiber material, but we found that its price and frequency after forming can be seen from table 1 that complex machining will make the manufacturing cost of new cutting tools too high."

kaso plastics, Leatherman's molding partner, recommends using a long fiber reinforced polyamide 66 composite under RTP 200 series, which is from RTP, a thermoplastic blending supplier in Winona, Minnesota, USA

"we know several materials that can meet the requirements, but the materials of RTP immediately jumped out of our minds," said Dean Christensen, vice president of sales of kaso plastics. "The price difference is very large, about a quarter of the cost of carbon fiber. Generally, one of them will arrive at the site within 2 working days."

the materials of RTP company meet all the standards of Leatherman company, and help the birth of two new cutting tools - cutter and expand product lines. Expande products are characterized by a knife handle made of metal/plastic mixed materials

"an important aspect of RTP's materials is that after a simple surface and treatment step, its hardness can produce good mechanical bonding with metal parts in the mold." Duncan pointed out that accounts, cards and materials should be consistent

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