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Lightweight micro corrugated board material

this new lightweight micro corrugated board material has replaced the heavy imported wet strength paper. The micro corrugated board in this design minus such provisions makes the selection of experimental conditions simpler, reduces the packaging weight by 40%, and retains the strength of the handle and packaging. This excellent local solution meets the import specifications and is very environmentally friendly. It can be completely recycled. The spring change testing machine is suitable for testing and analyzing the tension, pressure, displacement, stiffness, etc. of precision springs such as tension springs, compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, snap springs, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, mold springs, special-shaped springs, etc. it is made of recyclable fibers, which is equivalent to saving 10 trees per year, and 0000 trees should also be sealed. Moreover, the production process of micro corrugated board is cleaner than that of paperboard. Therefore, the micro corrugated board really reflects the technological innovation, and produces renewable and recycled corrugated products. Compared with traditional packaging, it uses much less materials

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