The hottest natural rubber market price in Tianjin

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On January 3, the price of natural rubber in Tianjin market

the quotation of Yunnan state-owned standard 1 in Tianjin market is about 23000; The quotation of domestic latex is 15500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of proxy ticket is 16500 yuan for Huang Chunfa. The solution: the quotation of three trees of the link falling off line is 16600 yuan/ton, and the processing quality of Thailand is reliable and the sameness is good; The processed samples fully meet the requirements of gb/t229 (2) 010 "Essentials of Charpy Notch Impact Test on metallic materials", or international standards such as ASTM e23-02a, EN10045, iso148, iso083, etc. the national tobacco 3# supply source is general, and the quotation with ticket is about 23700 yuan/ton. The quotation of imported natural rubber remains high. Most traders are cautious in their quotation. Due to the small supply, the trading after new year's Day is still general

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