The hottest natural rubber market price in Shandon

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On December 27, the market price of natural rubber in Shandong Province

the quotation of Yunnan state-run standard 1 in Shandong Province is about 23000 yuan/ton. The standard self insulation is mostly used for non load-bearing walls. The thermal performance of self insulation walls is stable and is not affected by the construction quality; The construction operation is simple, avoiding the destructive effect of the second decoration on the internal insulation materials; It can solve the problem of thermal insulation of high-rise buildings with excessive wall force; Through the design of material block structure, the problem of external wall leakage can be solved. The second quotation is about 21500 yuan/ton. The price of imported huangchun hair emulsion adhesive tape is about 16500 yuan/ton, the price of three trees is about 16600 yuan/ton, the price of Thailand 3# cigarette without ticket is about 21200 yuan/ton, and the price of Vietnam 3L without ticket is about 20000 yuan/ton. The quotation of imported natural rubber also rebounded sharply, and the quotation of traders increased. Due to the small supply of goods, the market trading was 1471 general

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