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With the vigorous development of China's construction industry, commercial concrete mixing stations have been popularized in prefecture level cities in coastal areas, and small and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing stations have also appeared in county (city) level cities. Now, based on my experience in product design, on-site installation, construction, commissioning, testing and other aspects of commercial concrete mixing station, this paper analyzes the relevant technical points of the preparation and initial production of the mixing station, so as to discuss and exchange with relevant technicians in the same industry

determination of overall plan

determination of the scale and grade of commercial concrete mixing plant

servo hydraulic press detailed introduction to the determination of the scale of mixing plant

investors should naturally do a good job of market research before determining the investment scale. If it is used internally by the construction department, the production capacity of the purchased mixing plant shall be determined according to the construction capacity and the consumption of commercial concrete. For example, for highway or small-scale (1-year construction period) projects, the mixing host with a capacity of 1 ~ 1.5 m3 is generally selected. If it is used as a commercial concrete mixing station, the size of the commercial concrete mixing station should be determined according to the economic development of the region and the estimated demand and investment capacity of the commercial concrete market in the jurisdiction. Generally, the mixing host with a capacity of more than 1.5 m3 should be selected

determination of the grade of the mixing plant

investors should fully understand the product quality level, service ability, price and other information of domestic and foreign construction manufacturers in the same industry, conduct market research, and inspect the manufacturer's processing and quality assurance ability on site. The manufacturers of complete sets of equipment needed can be selected through holding defense meetings, bidding meetings and other forms, and products with high quality and low price can be selected. Determine the scale and grade of commercial concrete mixing plant according to the amount of funds. If the investment scale is small, the mixing plant with all domestic accessories and the host machine with low cost can be selected. For example, the cost of using a double horizontal shaft mixer driven by a single cylindrical gear reducer in HZS75 mixing plant is more than 10000 yuan lower than that of using two needle cycloid reducers. If the investor has sufficient funds, high-quality system parts can be specified in the contract

if a customer specifies that the sensor uses the product of Toledo company; The screw conveyor, cement discharge door, dust collector of the whole machine and dust collector of the cement silo are the products of ovim company in Italy; The mixing machine adopts the products of shigaoma company, which can improve the reliability and service life of the mixing station, improve the grade of the mixing station, and thus improve economic benefits

the electrical control system is also an important factor in determining the grade of the mixing plant. Manufacturers have control systems with different degrees of automation for customers to choose from

selection of mixing plant site

when selecting the site, it should be ensured that the site is close to the quarry and sand plant, and that the water source is sufficient and far away from residential areas. If we can make full use of the terrain of the hillside and set the stockyard on the higher ground level of the hillside, we can reduce the loading height of the batcher, so that the climbing angle of the loader is small or there is no climbing, which not only saves energy, but also reduces wear. During the installation of equipment foundation, attention should be paid to avoiding aboveground and underground optical cables, power supply or communication cables

determine the reasonable equipment configuration

the selection of aggregate supply mode is best to use loader for feeding

if the mixing plant is used for highway construction (short construction period and frequent mobile relocation), the mixing plant with quick installation and modular structure should be selected

selection of aggregate conveyor belt conveyor

if the site is wide, the flat belt conveyor with small inclination (18 °) should be preferred (in order to reduce the equipment procurement cost, the lifting hopper method can also be selected). If the area of the site is limited, a large inclination angle (generally 40 ° ~ 50 °) edge belt conveyor (with an additional belt structure, it can reach 90 °) can be considered. However, in the wet environment of sand and gravel, the large angle edge retaining belt conveyor has the lack of sand sticking, so it builds the island "a little bit"; Foundation rdquo; Point out that when the belt returns, the phenomenon of sand falling under the belt is relatively serious, and the utilization coefficient of sand should be considered in the proportion of commercial concrete

selection of aggregate batching machine (scale)

aggregate scale of a complete commercial concrete mixing plant is 1 scale for cumulative measurement, and 2 ~ 4 scales for separate measurement. In order to ensure that each kind of aggregate has sufficient storage capacity, each kind of aggregate can be designed and made into 2 scales for batching

if the construction requirements are low, two batching machines with aggregate cumulative measurement shall be selected; If the project has special requirements, the batching machine with 3 or 4 aggregate scales for cumulative measurement must be selected, or even the batching machine with each aggregate measured separately

the selection of other scales can be determined according to the needs, such as cement scales, fly ash scales, additive scales (supplied by the parent screw machine), water scales and liquid additive scales (1 ~ 2) soon after the powdered polylactic acid project is officially put into the market

detection instrument

if equipped with a sand moisture content detector, it can realize the automatic adjustment of adding water according to the different moisture content of sand through microcomputer control. The application of slump detector can effectively observe the homogeneity of commercial concrete

customers can choose a reasonable configuration according to their needs, and make provisions in the contract

inspection of manufacturers

customers should inspect the overall situation (production scale, production capacity, product quality level, service quality, etc.) of several key manufacturing Western powers that broke the closure of the Qing government with strong ships and cannons at that time. From the production process and production process, the manufacturer's assurance ability for the quality system is investigated. Carry out on-site investigation on the prototype that has been put into use, listen to the opinions of the user unit, and understand the actual quality level of the equipment and the selection of supporting parts

during inspection and contract negotiation, attention should be paid to direct communication with the manufacturer's designers, especially for large-scale mixing plants with special requirements, so that the designers can directly and clearly understand the requirements and working conditions of customers, so as to formulate the most appropriate design scheme and avoid losses to customers

problems needing attention in the process of signing the contract

customers should, according to the objective conditions such as the geographical location of the mixing plant, require the manufacturer of the mixing plant to provide a variety of layout schemes, and fully demonstrate them, so as to select the best scheme

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